How To Use A Wheeled Tractor?


QLN talked about the steps of choosing a wheeled tractor before, so for the novice how to use a tractor, today QLN will tell you how to use it.

First, put in neutral, pull the clutch, and throttle, and if you want to use farm implements, prepare them first. Second, hand crank start. After the diesel engine burns, sit tight. Gear with the right hand (choose a low gear, easy to start), and slowly release the clutch with the left hand. Third, walk-behind tractors are more dangerous agricultural machinery. Pay attention to safety while driving. Do not neutralize downhill. Finally, do the flameout: pull the clutch. Brakes. Release the file. Reduce the throttle.

In order to prevent sliding after stopping, you can use bricks and other items to jam the tires. 

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