Chalion 65hp Green Farm Tractor With Awning For Sale At The Exhibition


Chalion 65hp green farm tractor with awning for sale at 2023 Nigeria International Agriculture EXPO. The Chalion 65hp tractor is very popular among Nigerian customers. Many customers showed great interest, trying to drive it and take photos with it. Chalion agricultural tractors use YTO engines with stable and reliable performance. The quality and price of the agricultural machinery we displayed at the exhibition have been recognized by customers.



Chalion is a supplier specializing in agricultural machinery. We have a large factory area, a complete industrial chain, and a professional service team. At the same time, we also provide after-sales service and technical support. Chalion brand tractors are sold in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The price, quality, and service of agricultural machinery have been widely recognized by customers. Chalion has been selling tractors, farm implements, rice machinery, and garden machinery for many years. You can trust the quality and price!