Good Price QLN 50-60 Small Tractor For sale In Africa


QLN 50-60hp small tractor has the characteristics of high fuel efficiency, reinforced chassis, strong flexibility, and strong economy. QLN small tractors are very adaptable and practical in Africa and are widely loved by local customers. The small tractors price is also very reasonable and cheap. There used to be customers in Africa who placed orders for dozens of tractors for sale there every year, and the sales volume was very impressive. This also proves that QLN farm tractors have advantages in Africa.



QLN agricultural tractor for sale in South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Congo,  and other African countries for many years, and have established friendly cooperation with local customers. We are a professional tractor supplier and manufacturer. The farm tractors, rice machinery, power tillers, farm implements, and other agricultural machinery we sell are very popular in Africa. If you want tractors and other agricultural machinery, please contact us. QLN will provide you with good farm machinery and prices.