High-performance QLN 90-horsepower Tractor Shipped To Africa


The QLN904 agricultural tractor purchased by the customer this time is produced according to customized needs, regardless of the color of the fuel tank or hood, and strictly meets the customer’s requirements. In terms of performance, the QLN90hp tractor uses a YTO90-horsepower diesel engine, which has the characteristics of fuel saving, strong power, solid and durable construction, low maintenance costs, comfortable operation, high work efficiency, and wide adaptability.

Since batches of tractors were delivered to users, they have been very popular in the African market, and many African customers have placed additional orders multiple times. QLN’s exports have been recognized by customers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Reasonable prices and stable and reliable performance of tractors are important reasons for customer trust. If you want a tractor or become a tractor agent, please contact us.