How To Choose A Rice Harvester In The Philippines


Rice is one of the main food crops in the Philippines. A good effective paddy rice harvester can greatly improve efficiency. How to choose the right rice-harvesting machinery?

First of all, if your field is flat, the field is large, and the height difference is small, you should choose a larger model; if your field is small and scattered, you should choose a mini rice harvester. Secondly, the choice of the feeding method of the harvester. The walking device of the rice combine harvester has two types: wheel type and rubber track type. The wheeled walking device has wide versatility, but the ground contact area of the tire is small, and the subsidence is relatively deep when working in paddy fields. The crawler track of the crawler harvesting machine has a large contact area and a shallow sinking depth. Harvesting machinery should be selected according to the soil properties and production habits of the local rice fields.


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