How To Maintain The New Walking Tractor In Zimbabwe


Chalion walk-behind tractors are favored by farmers for their easy operation, flexible maneuverability, high efficiency, wide application, and low price. But for some, the cost of a new walk-behind tractor is high, so be sure to pay attention to maintenance.

New walking tractors must be run in. By slowly increasing the load, from low speed and low gear to high speed and high load, the parts are gradually run in to lay the foundation for extending the service life of the walking tractor. The second is to operate properly. Avoid long-term high-load operations and follow operating rules. The last thing is to maintain it in place. During work, it is inevitable that the parts of the walking tractor will be worn, loosened, and aged, so regular maintenance is necessary.


As long as the “new machine running-in, operation method, and maintenance” are in place, the service life of the hand tractor can be extended. Chalion walking tractors are exported in batches, and walking tractors are for sale in Zimbabwe many times. If you need walking tractors, please contact us in time.