How To Properly Maintain A Tractor


When buying a tractor, everyone will pay attention to details such as tractor brand and model but often ignore the later maintenance. If you do not pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, it will cause unnecessary trouble and reduce the life of the tractor.


First, try to reduce the risk of ground damage during the use of the tractor. Park the tractor in a cool and dry place as much as possible to avoid sun and rain. Secondly, regularly maintain the engine oil, lubricating oil, etc., and replace worn parts in time. Finally, you must choose a good tractor brand in the early stages. Don’t choose to buy it immediately because the tractor price is cheap, but also consider after-sales, otherwise, you may spend more money on after-sales.


The service life of a farm traktor is complicated, and it can only be extended by correctly determining the maintenance method.