Multiple Mid-horsepower Tractors For Sale In West Africa


Recently, several 75-100hp QLN medium-horsepower tractors were loaded and shipped to Qingdao Port, where they will be shipped to West Africa. This is another large order for Qianli Machinery’s batch big tractor supply to West Africa, following the successful delivery of multiple QLN large wheeled tractors last month.


The QLN tractors delivered in batches to West Africa this time are best-selling and star models carefully developed by Qianli Machinery for users. In response to the needs of local users for agricultural planting, Qianli Machinery has made several adaptive improvements to its products. Most of the models delivered this time are wide-gauge products, which can well meet the requirements of local operations. Chalion is a famous brand of China made tractor brands, trusted by hundreds of millions of customers. Qianli Agricultural Machinery is sincere to every customer, please contact us if necessary.