QLN 1254 Tractor With Sunroof Successfully Delivered To Nigerian Customers


Last month, several QLN 125hp tractors with sunroof arrived in Africa smoothly. After receiving them, customers actively told us that the tractors were intact and very satisfied. The QLN 125hp tractor is powerful, responsive, time-efficient, long-lasting, fuel-efficient and durable. While ensuring high-intensity power output, the vehicle also effectively takes into account fuel economy, truly achieving ultimate fuel saving for customers. At the same time, buying a QLN tractor cost is relatively low. The QLN tractor is an agricultural tractor equipment that combines economy and benefits.


As a new economic pillar in Africa, Nigeria has abundant products, rich land resources and huge potential for agricultural development. Qianli Machinery will continue to innovate and upgrade to produce more agricultural equipment that users trust.