QLN 65-80hp Agricultural Tractor With Sunroof For Sale In Uganda


QLN tractors are increasingly popular in Africa. Our QB series 65-80hp tractors sold to Uganda country are very popular among customers. He said the tractor has good performance and a comfortable driving experience. The price of this 80hp tractor with Sunroof is also reasonable in Africa and even very cheap in some countries. Our sales and technical teams have conducted many customer visits and inspections in Africa, and have a deep understanding of African customers and local areas. The quality and price of agricultural machinery can stand the test of African customers.



As a well-known enterprise in the agricultural machinery industry, Qianli Machinery has been committed to agricultural machinery innovation and quality improvement, constantly meeting customer needs, focusing on quality management, and strictly controlling every link from parts procurement to production and processing to ensure product quality and stability. If looking for QLN farm tractor for sale near me in Uganda, please contact us. Choosing QLN will be a very right choice!