QLN Farm Equipment For Sale Agent In Eastern Europe


Date: August, 2019

Farm tractors: many types of agricultural wheel tractor

Farm implements: Disc harrow, Disc plough, Furrow plough, Front end loader, Backhoe, Corn planter, Grass mower, Rotary tiller, etc. 

Optional configuration: ROPS, Canopy, Cabin, AC Cabin, Air Brakes, Hydraulic Valve Out, Paddy Tire, etc. 

Applications:  Paddy field, dry land, garden, etc. 

Place of use: Eastern Europe

Sales in the first year: 50 units

Sales target in 2019: 200 units

Introduction of this case:

After one year’s initial cooperation, QLN farm equipment agent in Eastern Europe came to China lately. We held a strategy meeting this time, and we QLN took their advice actively and adjusted work effort accordingly. During this meeting, our agent set an sales target to sell 200 units of tractors because of the hot-selling and high cost performance of QLN farm equipment in Eastern Europe .  

After the meeting, we QLN will improve the quality of our agricultural equipment according that the national standard of tractor engine has changed from level 2 to 3. Meanwhile, we will expand our market in Europe actively! We will do everything we can do to help our customers including our agent in the world. If you have any demand or want to be our agent in your area, please feel free to contact us, we are always here waiting for you!