The New Hood Chalion 90-120hp Tractor Was Recognized By African Customers


Yesterday Chalion received feedback from African customers who bought 90-120hp tractors some time ago. The customer expressed in the email that he is very satisfied with the appearance, performance, and price. At the same time, he also expressed that he will buy some new farm tools and hopes to cooperate with us in the next step. The 90-120hp Chalion farm tractor purchased in Africa adopts a new hood, and the overall tractor is visually more imposing than the previous tractor. At the same time, in terms of tractor prices, there are certain discounts because they are sold in batches.



Every part of the Chalion tractor has been inspected layer by layer, and the factory conditions and quality control are strict. Chalion also attaches great importance to brand building, so you don’t need to worry about quality problems and after-sales problems. Chalion has been focusing on agricultural machinery for many years, and its price and quality have been affirmed by Nigeria, Guinea, South Africa, Benin, Romania, and other African countries. If you are interested in our tractors, please contact us in time. Chalion sincerely cooperates with you.