Best Value QLN 210HP Tractor To Be Exported To Philippines


QLN 180-210hp is a wheeled tractor that QLN has produced and exported for many years. It is equipped with some agricultural tools, such as tractor plows and tractor-trailers, which can save fuel to the greatest extent while operating efficiently, bringing the greatest economic benefits to Southeast Asian customers. QLN’s tractors in the Philippines use the domestic famous YTO engine, the famous German front axle, multi-speed, and can be turbocharged, equipped with a 240L large fuel tank, long operating time, and high transmission efficiency. At the same time, it has been upgraded in terms of driving, with full hydraulic steering and flexible steering, and the steering wheel can be adjusted back and forth for high comfort.


As one of the companies with the largest domestic export volume, it has more than 30 years of production experience. If you want a high horsepower tractor, please contact us. We provide you with excellent service and the best value tractor.