How To Choose The Best Farm Wheel Tractor For You


Before choosing a wheeled tractor, you need to know these 5 categories of questions:

      1.       1. Purpose: What kind of agricultural tractor do you need and how much horsepower do you need? Whether it is a small wheeled tractor or a high-horsepower tractor, it is often related to the purpose of the purchase, and also requires supporting agricultural tools to work.
      1.       2. Performance question: what engine does the tractor use? What fuel does it run on? How big is the clutch? And power output, power hydraulic system, etc. must be considered, after all, this is related to the performance of the entire engine.
      2.       3. Safety question: Is the tractor safe? There are many tractors that overturn easily. Be sure to buy a tractor with ROPS. Safety issues cannot be ignored.
      3.       4. Budget Questions: What is your budget? How much does a new tractor cost? The tractor you buy directly affects its productivity. Buying a very small tractor on a tight budget may cost more in the long run. Therefore, you need the best option
      4.       5. Who is right for you? Undoubtedly, QLN has always been favored by overseas friends for its high-cost performance and excellent service. We offer new tractors for sale, from small tractors to large tractors, equipped with a variety of farm implements to accomplish a variety of farming tasks with ease and efficiency.                                                                              

    If you really don’t know how to choose, please tell us your needs, QLN will give you the most suitable advice, and you will get the best products and services.