Chalion 100hp Tractor Feedback From Colombian Customers


Chalion received feedback from customers for farm work on a 100hp tractor purchased by customers. After using the tractor for two years, the customer from Colombia said that “QLN100hp farm tractor and implements are very useful and of good quality! And Chalion farm tractor price in Colombia is cheap. People who want to buy wheeled tractors can trust them. ” Because of Chalion’s quality control and production capacity and competitive price, the Chalion brand is becoming more and more popular in Colombia.



Chalion100hp tractor has very good performance, the whole machine has been tested for many years, and its durability is strong, which is favored by customers. We provide customers with good products, prices, and services. Chalion has been deeply involved in agriculture for many years, and its agricultural machinery has been favored by customers at home and abroad. We have dealers in some countries, if you want to be a Chalion tractor dealer, welcome to join us!