Chalion 4LZ Series Combined Rice Machinery To Be Sold In Guinea


Chalion combined harvesters have been exported to Guinea on several occasions in recent years. The 4LZ series combined harvester has the characteristics of strong power, flexible operation, compact structure, low wear, and strong anti-sinking ability. At the same time, it adopts a high ground clearance chassis design, which has good passability in wet rotting sites, a small turning radius, and high efficiency. The 4LZ series harvester integrates cutting, threshing, and crushing of rice straw. After the machine passes, neat rows of rice stubble are left. When the farm tractor trailer is full, it can be transferred to the drying center for drying, storage, and pellet return.


At the same time, 4LZ combined rice harvester price also has advantages. The price and quality of rice machinery have been affirmed by customers. If you need rice machinery, Chalion welcomes your inquiries.