Chalion 75hp Tractor With Disc Plough For Sale In Nigeria


Chalion tractors with disc ploughs are frequently sold in Africa. Next month, Chalion will bring QB series tractors and other agricultural machinery to the African exhibition. Chalion QB series 75hp tractors are suitable for African countries and have been exported to Nigeria, Guinea, Benin, and other countries in batches many times. Tractors with disc plows are trusted by customers. They use the most durable and best components and are very cost-effective. We also provide the best and cheapest tractor prices to our customers. We can also provide free-wearing parts after shipment.


Chalion has a complete industrial chain. We sell agricultural machinery such as agricultural tractors and farm implements, rice machinery, and mini power tillers. Our tractors are sold to many regions around the world. At the same time, we also have a complete service system and after-sales technical support and services. Chalion treats every customer sincerely. We understand African countries, so the products we produce are very cost-effective.