Chalion 70-120hp Agricultural Tractor With Disc Plough For Sale To Colombia


The QLN 70-120hp agricultural tractor has long been a favorite among customers and is a top seller. 70-120hp tractors with disc plows are also favored in Colombia. The tractor’s engine is fuel-efficient and durable, and the tightly-structured front axle and reinforced chassis make the entire model tighter and the machine more stable. Different PTO speeds and powerful pressure device lifters can meet diverse agricultural needs and farming requirements. At the same time, the double-acting clutch and large torque reserve coefficient enhance the transmission capacity. In addition to high performance, the cheap price of the tractor is also the reason why customers choose QLN.


QLN has rich experience in manufacturing tractors and agricultural equipment with good performance and a high service level. We are at your service throughout the process and provide you with a comfortable working environment. QLN’s tractors and farm implements are exported to dozens of countries in the world, and the quality is worthy of your trust! If you have any questions, please contact us!