QLN 35-50hp Mini Tractor Gets Good Feedback In Vietnam


QLN is an agricultural machinery manufacturer that produces high-quality tractors, we produce and sell walking tractors, wheel tractors, farm implements, rice machinery, etc. Products are sold all over the world. The QLN tractor has an atmospheric appearance, good air permeability, strong attractiveness, and advantages in price and quality. The price of agricultural machinery in Vietnam is very cheap. And new tractor of QLN brand price in China is reasonable and cheap.



Recently, we received feedback from a group of Vietnamese customers that the mini tractor they received adopts a famous brand engine, F8+R2 shuttle shift, and a compact front axle, which makes the whole machine more compact and more reliable in performance. Customers like it very much after receiving it. QLN has been producing tractors and farm implements that meet the needs of farmers, we are experienced, agricultural machinery manufacturers. If you want to cooperate with us, please contact us.