Chalion 75-100hp Tractor Will Be Packed For Export Soon


Chalion 75-100hp tractor with front end loader for sale in Australasia. Chalion 75-100hp tractors come with front loading. This model is equipped with a famous domestic one-tow engine, which has high fuel efficiency, sufficient power, fuel saving and durability. Based on user needs, Chalion has also made many adjustments to this type of tractor to make it more convenient to carry agricultural tools. Chalion tractors are practical, economical and safe. Our factory-produced tractors are inspected at all levels to ensure the quality of agricultural machinery and user safety. Last week, an old customer who purchased a farm tractor and trailer combo for sale reported that after five years, everything was intact except for the water and oil changes.


Chalion starts from the perspective of users, and we will optimize and adjust products based on series based on the special needs of customers to meet the actual needs of customers. If you need tractors and farm implements, feel free to contact us.