Hot-selling 90hp Tractor Has Arrived In Southeast Asia


Qianli Machinery’s tractor export orders in the first quarter have exceeded last year’s, production and sales have continued to grow, and orders have been scheduled until May. In particular, the QLN 90hp tractor with cab has been exported to Southeast Asia countries in batches many times this yeardue to its competitive price and reliable performance. The tractor has the characteristics of large capacity of the suspended fuel tank, heavy chassis, and fast operating speed. If you are looking for cheap tractor sales near me, QLN will give you the best price tractor.

Qianli tractors are exported to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries. Overseas users deeply love QLN tractors for their excellent performance, stable and reliable quality, and personalized customization. QLN has a wide range of products and supports personalized customization.