Chalion Agricultural Machinery Sold Well In Indonesia


Over the years, Chalion has been guided by customer feedback and market user needs and has insisted on creating agricultural machinery that satisfies customers. The farm tractors, rice harvesters, rotary tillers, rice mills, and other agricultural machinery that Chalion sells in paddy fields in Southeast Asia are favored by local users. In order to bring a high-efficiency and high-comfort operating experience to users, the Chalion rice harvester has been upgraded in the power system, walking system, transmission system, and threshing system. As an Indonesian customer who once bought a Chalion mini-wheeled tractor, he placed an order again this year to purchase agricultural machineries such as walking tractors and rice harvesters.




Chalion tractors have won the favor of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, for their good performance, favorable price, and high quality. Professional service is an important factor for customers to continue to choose us. If you want to buy tractors, small rice machinery, and other agricultural machinery, please cooperate with us. Chalion gives you the best price, best quality, and most professional service.