Chalion Farm Machine Signed Multiple Orders At The Canton Fair


At the 133rd Canton Fair that ended on April 19th, Chalion exhibited 60hp tractors, 1004 tractors, rice mills, and other excellent agricultural machinery, which were favored by foreign customers. At this exhibition, customers from Southeast Asia, Africa, Mongolia, and other countries and regions requested information and signed orders. Chalion 60hp tractor is stable and reliable in performance and has an elegant appearance, which is favored by customers. Chalion tractors still have quality and price advantages among many tractor and agricultural machinery brands, and customers from Africa and Southeast Asia signed orders immediately.

Over the years, Chalion tractors have been favored by many countries and regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and South America, and the customer repurchase rate is high. Reasonable prices, reliable quality, and one-stop service are important reasons why customers choose us. Chalion tractors use the best components, the manufacturing process is rigorous, and the tractors leave the factory after layers of inspection. We give our customers the best price, quality, and service. If you need tractors, rice machinery, and other agricultural machinery, please contact us!