Chalion Received Customer Feedback Pictures Of 60-90hp Fractors


Chalion has recently received feedback from several customers who shipped 60-90hp farm tractors with farm implements in the first few months. The 60-90hp tractors previously exported are Chalion’s best-selling machines, which have the advantages of high quality and low price. Taking 604hp tractors with trailers as an example, the tractor engine, front axle, chassis, and PTO are all carefully selected and used after repeated tests. Chalion farm tractors are stable, reliable, small in size, and powerful enough to meet the budgetary and practical requirements of customers. The quality and price of Chalion tractors have a price advantage over other brand tractors.


Chalion tractors are of high quality and have been exported to the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Benin, Australia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, and many other countries and regions around the world. At the same time, Chalion farm tractors are priced right. A customer who has cooperated with us for many years said: “We have cooperated with Qianli for many years. Qianli is very sincere. The quality of the tractor is high, and the rare thing is that the price is also low.” If you are interested in our tractor, you can contact us.