How Chooses Big Agricultural Tractors In Uzbekistan


Buying a big farm tractor is not an easy task, so you must be cautious when buying a big tractor. Here are some suggestions for your reference when purchasing agricultural machinery. Firstly, Pay attention to clutches, tires, configuration, etc. Tractors with the same horsepower have very different accessories, and each one is different. Secondly, Choose a brand tractor with certain after-sales capabilities. For example, for the Chalion brand, the after-sales period is one year, and the accessories purchased after that are also sold at the ex-factory price. Thirdly, when selecting supporting equipment such as disc plows and trailers, attention should be paid to the working width and depth, transmission mode, etc.


If you don’t know how to choose a big farm tractor, please contact us to learn more. Chalion has been focusing on agricultural machinery for many years, you are trustworthy!