Chalion Rice Transplanter To Be Sold To Southeast Asia


The rice transplanter has been inspected this week and will be exported to Southeast Asia in batches soon. The Chalion rice transplanter is a walking type, mainly used for rice planting and suitable for small paddy fields. It is often exported to West Africa and Southeast Asian countries and is well received by customers. This rice transplanter has a four-row transplanter and a six-row transplanter, and the rice transplanter can provide seedlings, separate seedlings, and transplant rice seedlings at one time. There are no strict requirements on the length, shortness, largeness, and smallness of the seedlings, and the spacing between plants and rows conforms to the standards for hybrid rice planting. It can also be adjusted at any time as needed. In addition, the price of rice transplanter is also cheap, and customers often place orders in batches.


Chalion rice transplanter is exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and other countries. The quality and price of the rice transplanter can stand the test of customers. We also provide one-stop rice machinery services, selling rice seedling-raising machines, rice harvesting machines, rice weeding machines, and rice milling machines. If you need rice machinery, please contact us!