Chalion Tractors Received Multiple Intentional Orders At The exhibition


The exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia is over. According to statistics, in addition to rice machinery being popular in this exhibition, Chalion’s small tractors and agricultural implements have also been favored by customers, and many customers have received intentional orders. Although the Chalion agricultural tractor was not present, it still has a very strong appeal to customers. Among the multiple intentional orders, taking Chalion 60hp performance as an example, the tractor adopts the domestically famous YTO engine, reliable front axle, durable tires, and comfortable cab, which make the tractor performance more stable and driving more comfortable. The price of small farm tractors is also very reasonable, and very popular in Indonesia.


Over the years, Chalion has focused on building brand influence. We focus on agriculture and farmers and constantly upgrade the products farmers need. Tractors and rice machinery are sold to many countries around the world. Chalion will give you the best farm tractors, rice machines, and other farm machines. Contact us to learn more.