Small Rice Machinery For Sale In Indonesia Exhibition


Recently, Chalion’s 4LZ series of small rice harvesters was exhibited at the Indonesia Jakarta Exhibition and received extensive attention from customers. Chalion 4LZ-1.1 riding rice harvesting machine can be used for combined rice and wheat harvesting. The widened header increases the feeding amount and working efficiency per hour, and at the same time, multiple gears can be switched freely. The crawler rice and wheat harvester is strong and not afraid of rotten fields, which is very suitable for the operating conditions of Indonesian paddy fields. In addition, the price of rice harvester is also very cheap.


Chalion rice machinery sells well in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Nigeria, Guinea, and many other countries and regions in the world, and its quality and price are well received by customers. Chalion rice machinery greatly improves efficiency, has strong applicability, stable performance, and reasonable prices. Customers in many countries have a high repurchase rate. Chalion provides a one-stop service, we sell rice harvesters, rice transplanters, seedling raising machines, weeders, rice milling machines, and other machinery. If you need rice machinery, please feel free to contact us.