Chalion Walk-behind Tractor To Be Shipped To Southeast Asia


A Chalion walk-behind tractor equipped with a corn harvester was recently packed for shipment to Southeast Asia. Walking tractors are the best-selling agricultural machinery exported by our tractor factory. The walking tractor exported this time adopts an electric start, which is easy to operate, has sufficient power, and is flexible. The walking tractor is the agricultural machinery with the longest production time in our factory, and it has also been ranked among the top three in China’s walking tractor factories.


Chalion tractors are high-quality, affordable, and have a high customer repurchase rate. A customer from Africa once said: “We have cooperated with Chalion for many years. Henan Qianli has won our trust with stable quality, efficient service, and cost savings.” Chalion insists on building its own brand, and its quality and price can stand From the customer’s inspection, we provide customers with the best tractor price and quality.