Henan Qianli Machinery 2024 Resumes Work Notice


All Qianli Customers & Friends :


Thanks for your interests about QLN agriculural machinery. We wish everyone all the best in work, family, and personal aspects in the Year of the Dragon.


We have resumed work. If you want to buy farm tractors, farm implements, rice harvesters, or hope to cooperate with us, please feel free to contact us any time!!!2024 Henan Qianli Machinery will serve you wholeheartedly. 


Email: info@qln-tractor.com


Address: Industrial of Weishi County, Henan Province, China(Mainland)

Global Website: www.qln-tractor.com   www.chaliongroup.com



Henan Qianli Machinery Co.,Ltd

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Feb 20, 2024