Chalion Rice Machinery Exported To Southeast Asia In Bulk


Recently, multiple Chalion rice machinery products are about to be shipped, and their destinations are major rice-producing countries in Southeast Asia. The small rice harvesters combine rice harvesters and rice mills shipped in batches this time being Chalion’s star products. With their advantages of fast operation speed, clean cleaning, threshing, etc., they are favored by customers in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Widely favored. Over the years, export orders for rice machinery have grown steadily.

To complete the delivery of this order with high standards and efficiency, Chalion strictly controlled quality in all aspects of stocking, production, shipping, logistics, and other aspects, and executed it efficiently. It completed the delivery task 20 days in advance and was highly praised by customers. Chalion provides a one-stop service, we will give you the best products, prices, and services.