Hot Sale 90hp Tractor With Farm Implements Export In Europe


QLN 90hp farm tractor has been one of QLN’s hot-selling models. Not long ago, customers from Europe bought farm tools from us. He told us that his QLN 90hp tractor is working fine with no issues. He is very satisfied and happy to work with us. As a trustworthy Chinese tractor factory, QLN adopts the appropriate and best parts according to the needs of customers and regions and produces agricultural machinery that meets customers’ needs. For example, a 90-horsepower tractor has high fuel efficiency, sufficient power, strong traction, and is durable and reliable.


QLN agricultural tractors with trailers, disc harrows, and other products have been exported to Europe for many times. QLN has produced tractors for 35 years, with rich experience, professional R&D, and a service team. We provide full one-to-one service to ensure customers’ pre-sales and after-sales services. QLN gives you the most suitable tractor, which is the best tractor and the cheapest tractor. QLN tractors are currently sold to dozens of countries around the world, we sincerely cooperate with you, and welcome to consult.