Chalion 50hp Small Tractor Exported To The Philippines


QLN small compact tractors are very popular in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Small tractors are one of QLN’s best-selling models. The QLN 50hp tractor adopts a new hood, a famous YTO engine, and a German front axle selects the best components at home and abroad, and is very durable. It has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, small vibration, high traction, high adaptability, and an easy start. Customers from the Philippines visited the factory through communication and placed an order immediately after reading it. The entire QLN tractor factory is in production, and tractors ordered from multiple countries are produced in an orderly manner.

As a Chinese tractor supplier factory, QLN has 35 years of manufacturing experience and a complete industrial chain. Good tractor accessories guarantee the quality of QLN tractors. We promise to provide 24-month quality assurance and after-sales service for the whole machine. We also support customized tractors including color and some parts. If you want to buy a tractor, please feel free to contact us. Welcome to visit our factory!