How Farmers Choose Rice Machinery In Cameroon


Rice cultivation is not an easy task in Cameroon. Different machinery is required at different stages of rice cultivation. Taking rice harvesters and rice mills as examples, different terrains require different rice machinery. Use large combine harvesters for large fields and vice versa. There are also rice combine harvesters divided into half-feeding and full-feeding models. The fundamental difference between the two lies in the treatment of rice straw. In addition, there are many types of rice mills. The most common ones are small rice mills with simple functions. The combined rice mill consists of a stone removal machine, a rubber roller huller, a paddy separation screen, and a sand roller mill. It consists of rice machine, a broken rice separation screen, a lifting unit, etc. It has powerful functions, but the price is correspondingly high.

When choosing rice machinery, you must choose based on your own needs, budget, terrain, etc. If you don’t know how to choose, you can choose to consult with professional farm equipment dealers such as QLN. We sell rice seedling machines, weeders, harvesters, rice mills, and other rice machinery. Our one-stop rice machinery service, high quality, and good service are our advantages. Welcome to consult us.