How Much Horsepower Does A Household Tractor Need?


Choose a 30-60 horsepower farm tractor if you have less than 5 hectares of land. If you own a very large farm, it is better to choose a tractor with 100 horsepower or more. QLN 30-60hp tractors have famous domestic engines, high fuel efficiency, flexible steering, high performance, and durability, and can meet the needs of most families, small farms, and orchards. Be sure to choose a horsepower tractor that suits your needs, and don’t blindly pursue high-horsepower tractors.

No matter which brand of tractor you choose, choose a reliable farming machinery manufacturer that can provide comprehensive after-sales services, including warranty, maintenance, and other services. This can ensure that the product will be used for a long time without major problems. If you need a small tractor or tractor with other horsepower, tractors agrícolas precio, QLN’s professional service team will be happy to serve you.