How To Extend The Life Of Tractor Tires


This month, Chalion saw customers asking not only about tractors, but also tractor heavy equipment parts & accessories, including tractor tire prices. Tractor tire wear is inevitable, but how to maximize the life of tractor tires?


First, be sure to check the tire pressure before use. Too low air pressure not only shortens life but can also cause tire blowouts. Second, the correct driving operation, regardless of starting, turning, and brake lights, must be slow. Also, don’t drive under heavy loads. Third,  Correctly maintain the steering system and maintain it on time. Finally, store tractor tires scientifically and avoid exposure to the sun. Tractor tires aren’t very expensive, but wouldn’t it be better to save up and buy some necessary farm implements?


After a period of use, the tractor tires can be replaced left and right, and the use time can also be extended. Chalion has exported agricultural machinery such as tractors for many years. When exporting, we will give away some vulnerable tractor attachments for free, which is convenient for customers to replace. Chalion sincerely cooperates with you, if necessary, please feel free to contact us!