Low price Chalion QB Series 55-85hpTractor Are Well Received By Malaysian Customers


Recently, QLN company’s QB series products made a return visit, and the customer expressed that the new tractor was very satisfied. One of the customers from Malaysia said that he wanted to further purchase farm tools such as rotary tillers, and QLN is a trusted manufacturer. The results of this return visit were very satisfactory. QLN is a genuine manufacturer of tractors, we have been selling tractors for many years, and our customers are all over the world. Also, the tractor price for sale in Malaysia is reasonable, even cheap!


The QB series of this return visit is a wheeled tractor ranging from 55-80hp. It is our best-selling model. It has the advantages of long delivery time, stable and reliable performance, and low price. QLN tractors use world-renowned engines, advanced front axles, double-acting clutches, combined instrument panels, etc. We have also made changes in appearance to make the lines more smooth and atmospheric. The QB series is very popular among Malaysian customers.

QLN is an agricultural machinery manufacturer that sells tractors and farm implements, our products are sold all over the world. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!