QLN 40hp Mini Compact Tractor For Sale In Vietnam


The whole line of QLN 40hp mini tractors has been upgraded, using famous engines, saving fuel and meeting emission standards; F8+R2 gear configuration, reasonable distribution of gears, optional single or double-acting clutch, to meet different needs and operations, the special ceramic material for friction plates, reliable High performance and low maintenance cost. The newly designed front axle is more compact and lighter in structure. QLN mini tractors have always been favored by customers in Southeast Asia, and have been exported to Vietnam and other countries many times.


QLN is a manufacturer that produces and sells tractors, rice machinery, and supporting farm implements for more than 30 years, and has received good market feedback. The tractors we sell have always been loved by customers. QLN wheeled tractors and prices have a good price/performance ratio, high quality, relatively cheap price, and good service. You deserve it!