New-generation Chalion 200hp Farm Tractors For Sale In Russia


Recently, after nearly half a year of use, three Chalion 200hp big agricultural tractors performed well in Russia. The users were delighted with this tractor equipped with the famous YTO engine. They raised their thumbs and said: “Good, good.” At the beginning of reclamation, this Chalion supplier tractor worked an average of 12 hours a day on the large land and performed very well. For ultra-large-scale operations, both the complete tractor and supporting power requirements are very strict, and many brands of tractors and diesel engines cannot meet the needs of farming. Their farm also has a batch of similar products from Europe and America, and the operation performance of Chalion tractors is not inferior to theirs. High reclamation efficiency and good economy. At the same time, we will also strengthen product research and development and adaptive improvement according to the specific situation of each user, and continuously improve product quality and after-sales service capabilities.



Chalionbig tractors for sale in Russia. The tractor has been affirmed and praised by customers. Not only that, but we also export 25-300hp 4-wheel farm tractors. If you want to contact us, please do not hesitate. We look forward to working with you.