What Points Should I Look For When Buying A Rice Harvester?


Rice harvesting Machinery is more and more convenient for people. Faced with many brands of rice harvesters, farmers don’t know how to start buying rice harvesters. What should they pay attention to when purchasing rice harvesters? Today, take the Chalion rice combine harvester as an example to see the points to pay attention to when purchasing rice machinery.


First, look at motivation. The high-performance engine is the core that determines the entire rice machinery. Chalion small rice combine harvester adopts a 102HP turbocharged diesel engine to achieve high efficiency and low fuel consumption. The second is to look at passability. The whole rice combine harvester has a ground clearance of 340mm, and the gap between the track and the chassis is large, so there is no mud and grass. Finally, look at the performance. Is the rice threshing thorough, is the cleaning clean, and will there be grain leakage? It has a longitudinal axial flow threshing drum, which makes the threshing and separation effect suitable, and solves the problems of unclean removal, grain running, and blockage.


The Chalion rice machine is multi-purpose and durable enough to meet the needs of rice harvesting for many years. Chalion specializes in agricultural machinery, and quality and price can stand the test of time. We look forward to working with you!