QLN 140hp Farm Tractor Equipment Will Transport to Kazakhstan


Recently, several QLN140hp agricultural tractor equipment will be shipped to Kazakhstan. In recent years, Qianli Machinery’s exports of tractors to Kazakhstan have increased year by year, and their quality has been recognized by local customers. After receiving the customer’s order, we immediately arrange the production schedule to ensure smooth delivery. With our rich experience, there is no need to worry about tractor quality. When it comes to farm tractor prices, we try our best to make them affordable for customers, and the prices are very reasonable.


In addition, CHALION tractors can also be selected in red, green, or blue according to customer requirements. Qianli Machinery is a professional Chinese tractor manufacturer. We have sold tractors, rice machinery, farm tools, and other agricultural machinery for many years. We have rich manufacturing and service experience. Our agricultural machinery has been sold to more than 60 countries around the world.