2024 Hot Sale Chalion 75-100hp Farm Tractor In Africa


The 75hp agricultural tractor is one of Chalion’s best-selling tractors. The tractor has very strong applicability and economy in Africa and is deeply loved by African customers. An African customer shared with us pictures of the Chalion 75hp tractor being used on the farm on social platforms. And he spoke highly of the quality and comfort of our Chalion tractors. This year, he continues to purchase farm equipment from us for his new farm. We are very happy with his affirmation and we will keep in touch and provide him with more services.



Chalion is a professional farm equipment dealer, we have a large factory, a complete industrial chain, and a complete service system. Our tractors have great market prospects in Africa. We currently have tractor agents in Romania and Benin. If you want to be a dealer, feel free to contact us.