QLN 150hp Tractor With Farm Tools To Help You Increase Productivity


QLN sells 25-300hp wheeled tractors, which have been loved by friends all over the world for many years. Our wheel tractors are worth buying in both quality and price, take the QP series as an example. QLN QP series 140-160HP tractor adopts a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with high torque output, independent double-acting clutch with strong steering ability, 16+8 shuttle speed selection, advanced front axle structure, and enhanced bearing capacity. At the same time, it has also been upgraded in terms of appearance, safety, noise reduction, heat dissipation, etc., making drivers safer and more comfortable. Even with a disc harrow or rotary tiller, you can work for five hours without discomfort.


QLN tractors follow the footsteps of users and continuously innovate to improve product technology and quality to meet farmers’ needs. If you want to know more about tractors or agricultural implements, you can contact us anytime.