Qianli Tractor Factory Is Recognized By African Customers


Henan Qianli Machinery Co., Ltd. has a factory area of 110,000 square meters and complete production lines. The tractor production line is bustling and has a large order volume. Last week, customers from Africa came to China to visit our tractor factory. The customer’s visit to our factory this time was mainly to inspect the strength of our tractor factory. After the visit, the customer gave high praise and praise and confirmed the purchase of multiple tractor equipment for agriculture and the contents of the agreement in our office.

Qianli Machinery has been engaged in the agricultural machinery industry for 36 years and has been exporting tractors for over 13 years. It has rich export experience and after-sales service solutions. Over the years, Qianli Machinery has been popular in Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, South America, and other regions. The most important reasons are low price and high quality. Qianli Machinery will strengthen innovation and technological improvement and continue to provide high-quality agricultural machinery.