Tomb-Sweeping Day And Farm Working


The Tomb-Sweeping day is a meaningful day for Chinese. People usually yearn the deceased relative. However, it’s also an important time node for agriculture, which is more than 3000 years history.

Next Tuesday, 5 April is the Sweeping day. On this day, the ecliptic longitude of the sun reaches 15 degrees. The temperature is increasing, raining days become more. It’s good for plants. In China, also has poem to describe this. Temperature and rain are important signals for planting.


Each year, the farmers are preparing their lands, plough them, then plant the crops’ seeds, fertilizing. These are also the beginning of a year of farming. In ancient, they use the cows to help them to do the work, but now, we have farm tractors instead. With the development of tech, we also get more modern farm implements to do the work. The days and the work become better and better.

As a manufacturer of agricultural tractors and implements, we are committed improving our working style.