Chalion 5S Combination Seed Cleaner

This type of combination seed cleaner integrates hulling/de-awning, elevator, double air aspiration, dust removing, and dual gravity table into one. 8618236900192

Products Description

This type of combination seed cleaner integrates hulling/de-awning , elevator, double air aspiration, dust removing, and dual gravity table into one. The impurities such as glume/awning, husk, dust, light impurities, blighted seeds, sprouted seeds, moth eaten grains, moldy grains, and knobbed wheat can be removed from the crop in one processing. It can be equipped with a vibrating screen module to remove both large and small impurities, as well as to classify the material according to its external dimensions.

Products Advantage

1. Processing process:hulling(de-awning)→air aspiration (primary)→air aspiration (secondary)→gravity table→vibration (grading). In line with the requirements of the specification for the decontamination of granular materials of cereals.

2. Air suctionpart: use the aerodynamic characteristics to remove dust and light impurities, adopt the front and rear double suction duct structure, convenient air volume control, with cyclone duster.

3. Gravity selection part: double positive pressure type specific gravity table, with an area of about 5.2 square meters, according to the principle of density sorting to remove unsaturated, germinatedgrains, moldy seeds, diseased seeds, moth eaten grains and other light impurities.

4. Screening part:rear-connected mobile flat vibrating cleaning screen, removing large and small impurities, three-deck sieve structure. It is equipped with rubber ball screen cleaning mechanism to prevent sieve hole from blocking. The vibration motor is used as the source. The magnitude and direction angle of vibration can be adjusted, and the frequency is 960 times / min. it has high reliability and long service life.

5. It can be equipped with wheat hulleror rice de-awner.

Scope of application

Scope of application

The machine is suitable for the hulling and selecting processing of wheat, as well as the clearing and processing of all kinds of grain crops and oilseed crops.

Products Parameters

Main performance and technical specifications



Maximum productivity

(in wheat) 

Grain cleaning

18 t/h


10 t/h

Exterior size (L×W×H)


Size of sieve surface (mm)

Sieve box (L×W)

2400x1500x3 layers

Gravity (L×W)


Total power

33.2 kW

Weight of the total machine

3600 Kg

Wheat huller


Dual gravity table structure with rear connection to the screener module


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