Chalion 5XFZ-10 Combination Seed Cleaner

QLN Combination Seed Cleaner has complete functions, large output, and is environmentally friendly. It can be equipped with a rice awn remover or a wheat huller according to user requirements. 8618236900192

Products Description

After the raw grain is fed, it is transported to the air screen by the bucket elevator to remove the dust, chaff and other light impurities in the grain. The light impurities are settled by the air duct and the cyclone dust collector, and then discharged by the air closers. Then, the grain flows into the gravity table to remove other impurities with light bulk density, such as chaff grains, bud grains, moth eaten grains, moldy grains, etc. After air separation and gravity separation, the grain finally enters the vibrating screen, and through the sieve with customized hole size, the larger and smaller size impurities are removed.

Products Advantage

Complete functions: it integrates the functions of air separation, gravity selection and screening (grading), with high purity of finished products.

Horizontal air suction screen: secondary suspension sedimentation separation, strong ability to remove light impurities, with high selection rate.

Air source of gravity table: double fan design, uniform air volume of table, convenient adjustment.

Large production rate: fast processing speed, short cycle, high efficiency. It is especially suitable for buyers and processors, speculation enterprises and seed enterprises;

Green environmental protection: equipped with cyclone dust removal system, it can discharge dust and light impurities after sedimentation, without pollution;

According to the user's requirements, it can be equipped with rice de-awner or wheat huller.

Scope of application

The machine is suitable for processing various crops and all granular materials. Especially for wheat, rice, sesame, flaxseed, sunflower seed and other crops with small bulk density, the effect is better.

Products Parameters

Main performance and technical specifications





Wheat seed

5-7 t/h

6-8 t/h

Rice seed

2-3 t/h

3-5 t/h

Exterior size (mm)



Area of sieve surface

Sieve box (LxW)

2400×1250×3 layers

2400×1500×3 layers





Weight of the total machine

≈2800 Kg

≈3100 Kg

Total power

15.2 kw

16.2 kw


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