Chalion 90hp Wheeled Tractor With Backhoe Upgraded


Chalion’s tractors and other agricultural machinery are popular both at home and abroad. Over the years, QLN has continued to innovate according to the needs of its customers. This year, we will upgrade some of the tractors based on last year’s customer feedback. The 90hp tractor will have a more advanced cowl and stronger components on the 3-point hitch. After repeated testing, the brand new 90hp wheeled tractor will be put into use together with selected tractor spare parts. While the quality has improved, the price of the new tractor has remained the same.



As an agricultural machinery manufacturer with 35 years of manufacturing experience, Chalion has a very complete industrial chain and high quality. We sell agricultural implements such as backhoes, and agricultural machinery such as rice harvesters. If you need agricultural machinery, please contact us. We will provide the best quality and price.