Good Performance QLN Walking Tractor With Trailers For Sale


Chalion Mini hand tractor adopts an intermediate gear transmission structure, reliable quality, and excellent performance, suitable for dry land and paddy field operation. It has the characteristics of time-saving, labor-saving, high operation quality, and low cost. Walking tractors can be exported to Algeria, Tanzania, Indonesia, Australia, Bolivia, and other countries and regions. Both market share and repurchase rate are increasing year by year. At the same time, Chalion will timely adjust the optional parts of the tractor according to the needs of the country and customers, so as to greatly meet the needs of customers.



Chalion has rich experience in manufacturing walking tractors. Both quality and price are very satisfying to customer needs. You can use a walking tractor for cultivating paddy and dry fields, which will significantly improve efficiency, and the power is durable enough. Choose Chalion, the price, and quality will not let you down. If you need agricultural machinery such as walking tractors, wheeled tractors, or crawler tractors, please feel free to contact us.