Chalion QY Series 25HP Wheeled Tractor

1. This series wheeled tractors are equipped with creeping shift, double stage clutch, these are much easier to use with farm implements.

2. 4WD agriculture tractors are equipped with Laidong, Yangdong, or Xichai brand water cooled engine.

3. Farm tractors could be matched with various farm implements, like front end loaders and backhoe, to help you do various agriculture work.

4. Equipped with hydraulic power pumps, it provides stronger power for tractors linkage device.

5. F8+R2 creep gearshifts 8618236900192

Products Description

This series wheeled tractors are equipped with creeping shift, double stage clutch, these are much easier to use with farm implements


Products Use

Farm usage. Equipped with various farm implements to help you do farm work, such as ploughing, planting, cultivating, etc.

Products Advantage


  • Equipped with international standard NTP 1/2 hydraulic output connectors, 1/2 way multi-valve and hydraulic pump with output flow of 35 l/m;

  • The gear configurations of F8+R2 makes that the velocity distribution is reasonable to meet different operating needs;

  • Optional single/double-acting clutches for different needs and operation; Special ceramic material for friction plates with high reliability as well as low use and maintenance cost.

  • Center console with simple structure, high cost efficiency and easy maintenance and an external differential lock is easy for maintenance;

  • Powered by 4-cylinders direct injection Laidong/Yangdong/Xichai engine, energy-saving, environmental protection, good stability and more advanced technology; it powered from 25HP to 50HP which can provide power up to 50HP;

  • New designed front axle is adopted on 4WD tractor, mid hydraulic cylinder makes the structure easier and more reliable.The tie rod is canceled to provide higher clearance and better passing ability.


Products Parameters


Model QLN-254
Rated Power (KW) 18.3
Engine Model LD /Yangdong/Xichai
Rotation speed (r/min) 2300
Structure Weight (KG) 1050-1060
Length× Width× Height (mm) 3215*1550*2230
Tyre Front/Rear 6.50-16/9.5-24
PTO Model& Size 135 Rectangle Spline with 6 teeth
Speed(r/min) 540,540/760, 540/720, 540/1000
Gear Box F8+R2/(4+1)*2
Max Traction Force (KN) 6.35 6.7


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